I Don't Wanna

by Robin Hild

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I Don’t Wanna

I don’t wanna be what you would have me be cause I can see That I don’t fit the dreams that you have
I don’t even think you heard a single word I said
I said no I said no

East west Home’s best you can go enjoy the rest
I’m happy when I’m safe at home
Don’t bother askin’ I ain’t goin’ to Alaska
Won’t go won’t go

One two three four
The simple things that used to make us happy before
Now you’re trying make it way too complicated and I hate it

A, B, C, D,
The list of all the crazy things you want me to be
Tell me when will you be satisfied cause I’ve tried

I don’t wanna write this song the words are dumb the style is wrong
I’m doin’ it to make you smile
I don’t know what to make of it I’ll probably end up fakin’ it
I know that’s a no no

I’m looking’ for some clarity to cope with this insanity, I wanna be a regular Joe.
Leave me my integrity this guy was never mean’t to be on show no no-oh

One two three four…

Salt water up my nose strike a crazy yoga pose Tofu on the barbecue
Low fat sugar free protein shakes for energy there’s always something new

You push me from my comfort zone and wonder why I whine and moan
Cause in the end I’m always glad I tried it

One two three four…


released April 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Robin Hild Los Angeles, California

Robin Hild is a singer-songwriter best known for his hit single, “You Don't Know" Robin's love affair with music began in childhood. classical music was always being played at home
In his 20's he signed with Virgin Records, hitting the Billboard #20 spot, making number one in several markets His dream now is to inspire through music. even if one person feels joy or wants to be kind to someone else
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